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Careers in Health recently compiled a list of the Best Nursing Blogs online, and InterOpNurse made the list! You can find their site linked here: Careers in Health compiled this list to help student nurses find out what it’s like on the frontlines of the healthcare industry, and we feel the best way to do this is by featuring blogs for nurses, by nurses.

Careers in Health is an up and coming educational portal, focusing on medical careers. Careers in Health focuses on giving a realistic and accurate information to potential students. In the future, they intend to have local schools listed and ways to contact them.


Careers in Health Nursing Resources

At, we strive to connect aspiring health professionals with others in their chosen field. If you are thinking of becoming a nurse, check out these fun and provocative blogs, written by and for nurses. It’s a great way to get a sense of what you can expect if you chose this exciting and rewarding career path.

The Nerdy Nurse
The Nerdy Nurse is an RN working the night shift on a medical surgical floor. Her blog advocates for patients, nurses, and technology, and it shares many of her personal experiences. Some recent posts include “Obama’s Plan to Create Jobs: Take Money from Healthcare”, “Working as a Nurse Informacist: Am I Still a Nurse?”, and “Meaningful Use Through Continuity of Care Documents”.

At Your Cervix 
This blog of a registered nurse who works in the labor and delivery unit of a teaching hospital shares her adventures in the hospital and with continuing education. Some recent posts include “Pushing and Pushing – oh yeah! It’s a BABY!”, “Visitor Attire in the Hospital” , and “Cervical Cancer Screening (Also Known as “The Dreaded Pap Smear”.

Drawing on Experience 
Follow the adventures of a nurse in a cardiothoracic intensive care unit with this web comic. While the comic typically follows his adventures in the hospital, some episodes follow his other passions, such as running. Some recent nursing-related comics include “Bedside Nursing”, “To Be or Not to Be”, and “Abracadabra, the Amazing Missing Patient”.

Lost on the Floor 
Here you can read about the “tales of a (not so new) nurse,” who works as a charge nurse on a telemetry unit in Portland. Some recent posts include “A Pacer Puzzler” , “New Ways to Classify Urine” , and “Breakin’ Them In”. In addition to posts about nursing, Wanderer sometimes shares his other passions, such as cycling.

New Nurse Insanity
This ER nurse has been working for a little over two years now, so she’s not technically a “new nurse,” but she still shares stories of the insanity she encounters on the job. Some recent posts include “Priorities, Seriously”, “Mishaps”, and “Badasses”.

Die Krankenschwester 
Die Krankenschwester translates to “The Sick Sister” and is the German word for nurse. This blog’s author, a registered nurse, explains “This blog begins with the question: Has media representation of nurses affected their identity? Explored through posts using visual art and sometimes essays, the posts are not authoritative declarations nor draw conclusions about nurses or nursing.”

Crass Pollination
Nurse K is an emergency room nurse in Montana who shares her crazy experiences with blunt honesty and humor. Some recent posts include “Dad’ll Learn Ya” , “Racy”, and “Studer”.

Code Blog
Gina has been an intensive-care nurse for 13 years, and her blog shares her experiences as a nurse “and the experiences of others in the healthcare system – patients, nurses, doctors, paramedics. We all have stories!” Recent posts include “The Evolution of Pill Crushing”, “Making the Call”, and “Nurse vs. Policeman, and Other Topics”. Gina also shares numerous interviews with other nurses.

Nurse Ratched’s Place
Mother Jones shares her experiences as a psychiatric nurse and reflections on the health-care industry in general. Some recent posts include “The Perils and Pitfalls of Working Night Shifts”, “Refrigerator Nurse” , and “Miss Moneypenny, RN”.

Impacted Nurse
On this blog, you’ll find “no fluff, no guff, no duff.” Ian Miller is a nurse with 23 years’ experience in the emergency department. He shares his thoughts and his experiences on this blog. Some recent posts include “Volunteers in the Emergency Department”, “96 Years Old, and I’m Coming to Kick Your Ass!” and “The Patient Who Thought He Was a Kernel of Corn”.

Abilene Rob
Rob is a recently registered nurse working in West Texas, and his blog shares his thoughts and experiences with nursing. Some recent posts include “The Training Wheels Come Off”, “Ughh. Rough Week. Rough Night”, and “The Saga of the PBDS Test”.

ER Nurses Blog
This blog leads “an exploration into the health industry with particular focus on the men and women battling and saving lives in our ERs.” Some popular posts include “Advice to Nurses Entering ER for the First Time?”  “The Most Disgusting Thing in the ER”, and “What is the Most Pretentious Unit?”.

Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse 
The name of this blog says it all. Read all about the crazy true experiences of a veteran nurse who work in an inner-city emergency room, as well as reflections about the health-care industry in general. Some recent posts include “Will the Disaster be a Disaster?”  “Being an ER Nurse is Really Pretty Cool” and “Violins in ER”.

Call Bells Make Me Nervous
Maha is “a shiny new nurse working my first job in the ED.” She shares stories of patient care and life as a nurse, and reflections on health care. Some recent posts include “Old is Gold”, “Call Me Nurse Muskels”, and “Uptown Girl is Admitted to a Downtown World”.

Kim has been a nurse for 32 years, and she now practices in an emergency room in the San Francisco Bay area. Recent posts include “Somebody’s Baby”, “To My Daughter, Senior Nurse”, and “So You REALLY Want to be a Nurse?”.

Midwife for the End of Life
Melaina is an RN, PHN, MS, CNS, and ACHPN who now works with patients at the end of their lives. Her blog shares her experiences and reflections. Some recent posts include “A Green Death Maiden: Esmerelda Kent Advocates Green Burials and Shrouds” and “Death Rattle 201”.

Nurse XY
Nurse XY shares his experiences about “just me and my Y chromosome afloat on the estrogen ocean that is the nursing field.” Some recent posts include “A Different Kind of Crazy”, “P.R. N-competence”, and “Up in the Air. There are also frequent “You might be a nurse if…” posts.

Nurse Healers
Kate Loving Shenk is a nurse who writes this blog about the power of nurses to be healers. The blog also explores issues of spirituality. The most recent post “Nurse Healers: Own Your Power” gives some good insight into what this blog is all about.

Exit 95 on the Yellowbrick Road…
Bo is a Texas girl who now lives and works as a nurse in the Midwest. Her blog shares her experiences and reflections on nursing, as well as her other passions and day-to-day experiences.

A Place I Call Home

Here’s another blog from a city girl who now lives and works as a nurse in a small town. Smalltown RN also explains that “I am passionate and out spoken about healthcare and ensuring that our public health system remains intact,” and she shares this passion on her blog. Some recent posts include “Ethics", “The Table Turns”, and “You Be the Judge…”.

Thoughts from the Night Shift
This blog shares tales from the night shift, as told by an ER trauma nurse. Read about the triumphs and struggles of life in this demanding job.

It Shouldn’t Happen in Health Care
“Max is an Pediatric Nurse who got lost, ended up in A&E, then somehow as a Nurse Practitioner in General Practice.” This blog is part collection of funny tales about health care and part personal journal about Max’s experiences. Some recent posts include “Alternative Medical Dictionary”, “COC, LARCs and UPSI Daisy”, and “Post Natal Drip”.

RN Speak!
RN Speak! has been a practicing nurse for 25 years and is currently pursuing a doctorate in nursing. He has spent much of his time working in critical care. His blog shares insights into the life of a nurse and the life of a student.

Nursing Educator
This blog by a nurse educator focuses on the use of technology in nursing education. Brent Thompson is both a PhD and an RN. Some recent posts include “The iPad at 1-year-old: Its Effects on Nursing Education”, “Educational Technology is Expensive, but Can We Afford NOT to Use It?”, and “3 Reasons Why Nurse Educators Should Require iPads and iPod Touch Devices”.

Head Nurse
Read about the day-to-day life of a nurse, including her professional and her personal life. Jo is also a cancer survivor, and she shares insights into her experiences. Some recent nursing-related posts include “pant*pant*pant”, “Nothin’ Like Blood Up to Your Elbows”, and “Eeeyep. Yep, Yep, Yep. Juuuuust about Quit My Job Today”.

Dear Nurses
This blog by nurses for nurses aims to offer useful information about clinical resources. Posts are detailed and in-depth. Some recent posts include “Pediatric Assessment”, “The Nursing Process” and “The Patient on Mechanical Ventilation”.

The Makings of a Nurse
Nurse Teeny knew she wanted to be a nurse since she was a teenager, but different events delayed that goal over the years. She became an RN this year and will graduate will a MSN next year. Her blog shares her thoughts and her experiences along the way.  Some recent posts include “Death with Dignity”, “Reality Check”, and “Full Circle Indeed”.

Sarah Beth RN
Sarah Beth is a young nurse who shares her passion for nursing, technology, and social media on this blog. Her posts explore ways to improve health care and the practice of nursing. Some recent posts include “Social Media for Disaster Communication”, “When Doctor/Nurse Interactions Escalate”, and "Technology in Health Care: What Happens When it Fails?

The Magical Mystery Land of Community Health
This is the blog of lesbonurse, “a newly minted nurse practitioner, living my dream in a medium-sized, economically depressed city in the Northeast.” Some recent posts include “A Bitter End”, “Where it Started”, and “A Little Love for the Medicaid Patients”.

What School Doesn’t Teach about Being a Nurse Practitioner
“This blog is for new NPs or NP students who want some real 411 on the life of a new practitioner. A new practitioner in a busy, understaffed, urban community health clinic in a major metropolitan area.” Some recent posts include “Pop!!”, “And Swallow”, and “Broken Safety Net”.

Ask Conrad!
Get all your questions about travel nursing answered on this blog. There are also frequent job postings. Some recent posts include “What About Allied Healthcare Travel? Are There Jobs?”, “Do I Need a State License for a Travel Nursing Job?”, and “How Much Do You Make in a Travel Nursing Job? Worth It?”.

Highway Hypodermics
This blog offers information about travel nursing for those who are interested in learning more or in starting their careers in this niche. Post offer news and updates related to the industry, including information about conferences and other professional events.

Nursing Law and Order
Explore legal issues as they relate to nursing on this extensive blog. Some recent posts include “What Do I Need to Do to Get Reported to the State Nursing Board Today?” , “Ready or Not: The $2,500 State Nursing Board Case”, and “It is Going Down Like Charlie Brown: Nursing Students Will Sue!”.

Nursing Research: Show Me the Evidence!
The nursing research staff at St. Joseph Hospital in California share their latest work and findings. Some recent posts include “New Nursing Research Toolkit available from the ANA” , “Danielle’s Picks from the Literature” , and “Institute of Medicine Calls for a ‘Gold Standard’ in the Evidence Process”.

Adventures of Guitar Girl RN
This is the blog of a “guitar (and now bass)-playin' rock-and-roll emergency room RN.” Get funny and real-life stories of experiences in the emergency room from someone working behind the scenes. Some recent posts include “Drunken Bums are Fun. Yay”, “">Hey, Nurse Techs!”, and “Greetings from My New Job”.

Blissful Entropy 
Erica is an ER nurse, and her blog shares a mix of her personal and professional experiences, in and out of the emergency room. Some popular posts include “Idealism v. Realism in Nursing”, “What the Triage Nurse is Really Thinking”, and “Low Tech Healing”.

Elaine is “an emergency nurse with some things on her mind,” and she shares her thoughts and experiences on her blog. Posts are typically short, but others present more extensive reflections. Some recent posts include “Junior Nurse… Very Interesting”, “IVs”, and “Thoughts on Losing Enthusiasm”.

Digital Doorway
Here you’ll find “a digital venue for creative expression, adventures in nursing, reflections, thoughtful reverie, thoughtless repose, and other flotsam and jetsam.” Some recent posts include “Nursing: Beyond the Books”, “Book Review: Critical Care by Theresa Brown”, and “Johnson and Johnson Nursing Notes”.

Nursing Ideas
The purpose of this blog is to “spread ideas among nursing students and nurses” and “to share ideas of research, innovation and leadership with nurses.” Some recent posts include “Where Google Health Went Wrong”, “Learning From Others’ Success”, and “Negativity in Nursing Needs to Go”.

Interop Nurse
This blog is written by a nursing working in the field of healthcare information technology, “chronicling my experiences as I go through the different stages and struggles of software maintenance and implementation. Some recent posts include “The Nursing Process and Project Management”, “Healthcare Workforce Curriculum Now Available to the Public”, and “The Implementer’s Dilemma”.

Caffeine and Xanax
This young professional is “a 26-year-old RN enjoying life in the Critical Care Medical Unit of a trauma 1 medical center.” Her blog shares her day-to-day experiences as a practicing nurse. Some recent posts include “Letter to the Editor”, “Finding My Talents”, and “Drawing the Line on Compassion?”.

Nurse Leader Today
“This blog is designed for nurse leaders to share their thoughts/concerns/vision about the state of transformation in nursing and nursing leadership.  I will share the results of my research about health care changes and the transforming and empowering initiatives within the nursing profession that are occurring across the country.” Some recent posts include “Transformational Leadership, Best Practices, and the Operating Room”, “Future of Nursing – Key Message #1: Nurses Should Practice to the Full Extent of Their Education and Training”, and “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health”.

Once RN
This blog explores “a life shaped by oncology nursing.” “These stories are mosaics, each of the tiles being patients or events or images or emotions or conversations or memories that have woven themselves together in my mind.” Some recent posts include “Silence”, “Gloss” , and “Question”.

Weird Nursing Tales
Tex is a North Carolina transplant who has worked as an RRT and an RN. He is currently a critical care float nurse, and his blog shares his experiences. Most posts are short, funny anecdotes or are links to relevant videos. Some recent posts include “It’s All About the RIF” , “Hello….Hello, Again”, and “Giving Free Advice”.

New Nurse, In the Hood
Read the rants and reflections of a “20-something sailor-mouthed ER nurse with an interminable belief in the goodness of humanity despite consistent evidence to the contrary.” Some recent posts include “Douchebags, Everywhere”, “Chief Complaint of the Night”, and “Confidentiality”.

ED Nurseasaurus

Regina has worked as an ER nurse for over 35 years and describes herself as one of the “oldest nurses still working at the bedside when most of my peers have moved onto management, teaching, and bartending.” She shares the funny and strange things that happen on her shifts. Some recent posts include “From Out of the Blue”, “Stop Bugging Me” , and “Genius”.
Those Emergency Blues
This is the blog of an emergency department charge nurse in Toronto: “This blog favors a vision of nursing that values nurses and allows nurses to provide safe, competent and evidence-based care to their patients, and to practice at their full potential.” Some recent posts include “O Why O Why Did I Pick up the Phone?” , “Snapshots of Nursing History” , and “Observations and Assessments”.

Nurse Story
This is a blog about nursing, nurse practitioners, and healthcare, written by someone who has worked as both a nurse and nurse practitioner. She explains: “It is a compilation of things that interest me and are important to me. I believe that nursing is the most vital of health care professions and is one of the solutions to the health care crises ACROSS the globe, not just in the U.S.” Some recent posts include “Destiny, Goals, Planning, Objectives…Where are You Going?”, “Western Medicine: I Have a Pill for That!”, and “In a Dry Spell”.

Nursetopia is the blog of an oncology nurse, leader, and manager who is “passionate about nurses, nursing, and the world we impact.” Some recent posts include “Focus on the Patient”, “Waiting Room Divergence”, and “Reducing Costs and Improving Care with Duct Tape and Reflective Sashes”.

See Jane Nurse
“Jane” is a nurse working in a city hospital, and her blog shares her experiences and reflections on the job. Some recent posts include “Balance” and “Ripped Panty Hose”.

Undergrad RN
Read about the life of an aspiring RN in her fourth and final year of her degree program. Some recent posts include “It’s Here! Fourth and Final Year!!”, “Check, Check, Checking Out", and “Got Angry At/For a Patient”.

The Nursing Ethics Blog
An associate professor of nursing and a doctor of philosophy write this blog, which explores issues of ethics in nursing. Some recent posts include “How We Approach Difficult Moral Dilemmas in Nursing”, “Nurses, Unions, and Ethics” and “Doctors, Nurses, and the Ethics of Bullying”.

Nursing Notes 
This blog explores current events and developments in the healthcare industry and how they affect the practice of nursing. Some recent posts include “Disruptive Behavior, Negligence, Endangered Patients, and Millions of Dollars”, “Nurse Staffing Costs Must be Weighed Against Cost of Errors” , and “5 Reasons Nurses Want to Leave Your Hospital”.

The Man-Nurse Diaries
The name says it all: These are the reflections of a man working as a nurse, sharing both personal and professional experiences. Some popular posts include “Dads Prefer Breastfeeding”, “Hospitalized Infants and Breastmilk”, and “Circumcision: A Male’s Perspective”.

Not Nurse Ratched 
This blog from a current ER nurse is about “medicine, geekery, productivity, and whatever else I feel like.” Some recent posts include “What Privacy Violations Feel Like”, “Great…More Hazards of Nightshift”, and “Consorting with Doctors:  A Rant”.

Sam the RN
“My name is Sam.  I wasn’t really doing anything with my life.  Then something happened and I learned that I was good at taking care of people when they need help and it made me feel good.  It made me feel good to help and it made me feel good to be good at something.  I decided to become a nurse.  It’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done.” His blog shares his experiences as a nurse and some personal reflections. Some recent posts include “Bathroom Breaks May Cause Heart Attacks, Luckily We Usually Can’t Take One”, “Wherein the Hospital Flips the Nurses Upside Down and Shakes Them to Take What Falls Out” , and “Don’t Make Me Show You My Watch”.

Raspberry Stethoscope
Nicole is a 26-year-old registered nurse, and her blog is “a hodge-podge of my life, consisting of food, yoga, nursing life, and a place to share.” Some recent posts include “Online Debate” and “IVF Stat”.

Nurse and Lawyer
Elizabeth is an RN in a cardiac intensive care unit, and Amy is a law student. Their blog shares their thoughts and debates on both. Some recent posts include “A Pack a Day Keeps the Jobs Away”, “Hey, Are You Using that Kidney?”, and “Thanks for the 60 Years of Marriage, Honey, But I Have to Cut You Loose”.

Once Upon a Bedpan
New Nurse is a “new graduate RN in a major midwestern city, working on a medicine floor.” Her blog is fairly new, and she uses it to share her experiences and reflections as she begins her new career.

KitchRN is a registered nurse and an unregistered foodie, who shares her love of both on her blog. Posts will occasionally share recipes for things like roasted turkey leg, or they will delve into discussions about recent developments in nursing and the healthcare industry.

You Can’t Fix Stupid
Get the scoop on life in the emergency department from this nurse. Some recent posts include “A Slow Death”, “For What It’s Worth”, and “Doctor Medic”.

A Journey Through Nursing School … and Beyond 
Christine is an LPN who is working towards becoming an RN and chronicling her efforts along the way. Some recent posts include “Apples to Oranges”, “First Day…Fail”, and “The Night Shift 15”.

The Dog Ate My Care Plan
This senior nursing student is studying nights and weekends while working full-time and balancing family responsibilities (she is the mother of three). Her blog chronicles her efforts and shares her reflections along the way. Some recent posts include “Coming to Work Sick: The CYA Culture”, “Mind Your Bedside Manners”, and “Test Tactics”.

Whose Life is This Anyways? 
This blog offers “a look into the life of a corporate slacker turned nursing student.” Some recent posts include “What Kind of Nurse Are YOU?”, “I Hate Med/Surg”, and “I Might Be an Overachiever”.

The Student Nurse
DV began a two-year nursing program in January 2010 after a career in the arts. His blog shares his experiences and reflections along the way. Some recent posts include “It’s the ‘Squirmy’ Little Things”, “Every Point Matters and I’m Hungry”, and “The Beginning of the End”.

Travelista RN
The Travelista RN is a “30 something, systems analyst turned nursing student who is concurrently pursuing a ASN/RN and MBA.” She has just begun her program, so you can follow along on the journey with her.

Just Call Me Nurse … Eventually
Kat is a mom to three who has worked as a stay-at-home mom for many years before she decided to start nursing school. Share in her triumphs and frustrations by reading about her experiences along the way. Some recent posts include “Imposter Syndrome”, “Freedom of Religion”, and “The Wall”.

Nurse’s Watch
Nurse’s Watch hosts a conversation about other nursing blogs and their relevancy. It is written by a registered nurse who is going back to school to finish her BSN. Some recent posts include “Reflections of an Educator: The Beginning”, “The First Objective: Enter to Learn”, and “Nursing Informatics…”.

Mom, Wife, Student, Nurse, Ahhh!!!
Missy Prissy RN recently completed an evening CNA program and hopes to start a full-time nursing program at the university. Some recent posts include “What’s Your Field of Specialty?” and “Fall Semester – Digging Myself a Grave?”.

Diary of My Life and Nursing School 
Here you’ll find “The joys, sorrows, vents, frustrations, oops, and cheers of my life and nursing school! Let the stories begin….” Some recent posts include “End of Week 1 and Half of Week 2=Success!”, “First Day Success”, and “Tomorrow”.

Frazzled_razzle RN
Zazzy is a BSN nursing student in Wisconsin, and she shares her experiences on her blog. Some recent posts include “Tour of the OR”, “Peds and the Start of Another Semester”, and “Nesting!?!?”.

Tales of a School-Zoned Nurse
This school nurse explains: “Sometimes my job is funny, sometimes it's heartbreaking, and sometimes it's rewarding in a way words can't describe; above all, it's unique.” Some recent posts include “Growing Up Too Fast”, “Tdap Update”, and “24”.

The Doctor Stole My Stethoscope
RN Raquel is a nurse working in a South Florida hospital. She shares her unusual experiences, as well as links to interesting stories, funny jokes, and other items of interest.

Diaper Changes are Not My Job
This blog author explains “I'm a recent graduate nurse working my first job in paediatrics who needs an outlet to vent about the most ridiculous and absurd. This includes the kiddies, the adults that come with them, and other staff.” Some recent posts include “We Ain’t No Repair Shop”, “Ungrateful”, and “Jason’s Indecency”.

Erica explains “This blog is about my first year as an Emergency Department RN. I worked Med-Surg my first year as a nurse which is supposedly ‘the way you should do it.’ I aim to make this blog a positive reflection of nursing to do good and less of a complaint forum.” Some recent posts include “Fibromyalgia”, “The 3 Best Friends that Anyone Can Have…”, and “PE Day”.

Student Nurse Laura 
Laura recently finished an ADN program, and she used her blog to chronicle her experiences during her program. She will continue her blog to share insights about post-graduate life.

This is the Story of a Girl
Brittany is a 20-year-old nursing student chronicling her experiences in her program, as well as stories and reflections about her personal life. She also blogs about her experiences with lap-band surgery and her continuing struggles to maintain a healthy weight.

Nurse J 
Nurse J is a male nurse working in a critical care unit, and his blog shares stories from his work. Some recent posts include “For Shame”, “Worst Patient Olympics”, and “Ready, Set…GI Bleed”.

Pinky RN 
Pinky RN works in a labor and delivery unit and blogs about her experiences. Some recent posts include “And Now for Something Completely Different”, “Too Many Patients, Not Enough Nurses, IUPCS, and Fluffy Laboring Women”, and “Orientation Week Two”.

My Strong Medicine 
Sean is a registered nurse and a certified athletic trainer, and he blogs about his experiences with both. He often shares relevant news articles or posts from other blogs to help start discussion.
This blogger is all three. Professionally, she works in a labor and delivery unit. Her posts recount her experiences as a nurse, as well as a wife and mother.

Nursapalooza shares her journey through nursing school, followed by her search for a job in geriatric nursing. She now works in hospice care and shares her experiences.

Nursing School the Accelerated Route
Christina is a full-time student in an accelerated BSN program on her way to becoming an RN. Some recent posts include “Last Semester of Nursing School (Internship on Oncology Unit)”, “Approaching the End of the Fourth Semester”, and “Third Week of the Fourth Semester”.

Travel Nurse Source
This comprehensive blog offers a lot of information for those interested in travel nursing or those who are already practicing. Some recent posts include “Packing for a Travel Nursing Assignment”, “Travel Nurses in Demand More than Ever”, and “Travel Nursing and Its Advantages”.

Flight EMS
Emily is a flight nurse who shares her experiences on her blog. Some recent posts include “Flight Nurse’s Hierarchy of Needs”, “Night Shift”, and “Chaos and Not Much Order – How to Get Things Done”.

20 out of 10
This blog of a nurse working in an emergency room just announced that it is closing up shop. However, there are still up to three years’ worth of archives that detail the ins and outs of the profession. Some popular posts include “Change of Shift”, “Just Your Standard ER Visit”, and “Code!”.

Not a Wanna Be, But a Gonna Be
This certified nursing assistant and nursing student shares her professional and academic experiences. Along the way, she also shares her personal ups and downs and how her nursing aspirations intersect. Updates are sporadic, but the blog offers some good insights for other aspiring nurses or nursing students.

Pixel RN
Simply “a blog about being a nurse,” this blog shares the day-to-day experiences of a working nurse. Posts are sporadic, but they offer honest insights. Some recent posts include “Gen X Nurse”, “Nurses: Do You Have an Exit Strategy?”, and “Why I’ll Probably Quit Nursing”.

Pee and Sympathy: True Stories from an RN
This “bite-sized memoir” from a CRN shares stories from his everyday experiences. Though the blog has not been updated in a while, there are extensive archives available that provide fun and valuable insights. Some interesting posts include “Scrubs”, “Cooler Than Me”, and “Cake Walk”.

Nighttime Nursing
Here you’ll find “a gathering of thoughts and stories from a 12 hour night ER nurse. Some will be happy and some will be sad, but don't visit if you don't have a dark sense of humor and don't like a bit of sarcasm. I tend to use humor to deal with death and stress.” The blog has not been updated recently, but there is still a large collection of posts in the archive.

The Intensive Art
The Intensive Art is the diary of an ICU nurse. Though new posts are no longer being published, there is still an extensive archive of useful posts offering reflections on the life of a nurse. Some recent posts include “Top Ten Personality Traits All Registered Nurses Should Have”, “You Just Never Know” , and “If It Looks Like a Duck…”.

In this blog, a “labor nurse has been reborn and shares her experiences as a new nurse-midwife, woman, and blogger.” The blog is no longer updated regularly, but there are still many useful posts in the archive. Some recent posts include “Multip End Point”, “From the Other Side”, and “Online Reviews”.

Nurse Me
Nurse Me is a critical care and trauma nurse, and her blog shares her experiences and reflections about nursing and health care. Though the blog has not been updated n some time, there are still many thoughtful and interesting posts in the archive. Some recent posts include “Do This, Not That”, “An Open Letter”, and “F*CK YOU, Shonda Rhimes” .

“The stories that come out of the ER can make you laugh, make you cry, and make you pissed. Sometimes all at the same time. ER RN's are a special breed and I do believe we all lean a little bit toward the insane side of reality. Come in, kick up your feet, and prepare to be astounded by what your fellow humans do.” You’ll have to read from the archives, as this blog is no longer being updated.

Jennifer Vitti
This is the blog of Jennifer Vitti, a student in a direct-entry nurse practitioner program. Her blog has not been updated in many months, but the archives provide a glimpse into the life of a nursing student. Check out “Second Year Nursing Student!”, “Catch Up: Babies, Pedi, Exams-Round 2, and Puppies!”, and “Emergency C-Sections, School Nursing, and First Exams”.

Travel Nurse Aim 
Aim (Amy) is a travel nurse who shares her work and her traveling adventures on her blog. Aim has not updated her blog in some time, but the archives still offer a lot of valuable insight. Check out “Just an Observation”, “Travel Nurse Aim’s Advice”, and “Honest, the Patient Was Dead When I Started My Shift”.

ISED8U: Adventures in Anesthesia 
The author of this blog is a certified registered nurse anesthetist and has worked as an ICU nurse. The blog is no longer being updated, but there are lots of useful posts in the archives, as well as relevant links.

The One-Year Nurse
Nat completed an accelerated one-year Master's Entrance Program of Nursing and is now an RN. He shares his experiences through this blog. Though the blog has not been updated in some time, there are still many posts in the archives.

The Travel Nurse
Pauline was unhappy as a staff nurse and nurse manager, so she transitioned to become a travel nurse. She traveled for seven years, and is now a staff nurse once again. Read about her experiences here.

Ward Bunny’s Coffee Break
Ward Bunny is a 20-something nurse working in Scotland. She blogs about her experiences as a nurse and reflects on trends affecting the nursing industry.



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