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The Query Health Initiative aims to define and deliver the standards and services for distributed population health queries from certified EHRs and community records, originating in the routine course of patient care. As a result, information requestors will be able to create and securely distribute queries to network data partners who subscribe to the published queries. Network data partners will examine queries and pass them on to data sources. Data sources, such as a provider organizations, will execute the query against a standard clinical information model, securely return the results of the query to a data network partner, and then subsequently to the requester. The Initiative will develop models for the technical and financial sustainability as well as best practices for organizations, management and coordination, data use, data sharing; giving consideration to privacy, security and consent requirements. It will also address methods for extensibility of the clinical information model; specifically those data elements, terminologies, and code sets that enable the queries and results expression.

The Initiative will align with and leverage other Initiatives of the S&I Framework, EHR certification criteria, Meaningful Use requirements and other health IT initiatives. The Initiative will also build on existing investments and thought leadership in distributed query, implement the specifications through an open source reference implementation, and evaluate these findings through demonstrations and pilots. The evaluation will help refine these standards.

To support the goals and objectives of this Initiative, the Use Case and its requirements will evaluate and address several outcomes, such as the following (to be refined and further validated by the community)

·         EHR / Clinical systems have the capability to map data (or a view of its data) to a common clinical information model;

·         Network data partners have the ability to subscribe to selected information requestors and specific queries;

·         Requestors will have the ability to create and securely publish “well formed queries” to selected network data partners;

·         Network data partners are able to examine and to pass the requestor subscription information to the EHR/CIM Repository. Such information (depending on the functional requirements) may include confirmation of the query; security information of the requestor; timeliness of the results being returned;

·         EHR / Clinical Systems have the capability to execute the query behind their firewall, and then release results to the requester

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