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I want to try a new column here.  This will be an evolution of a previous column, “InterOpNurse Thoughts” that started but never really took off.  I am calling my new column “Ask the HIT Nurse.”  This is for a lack of a better slogan for this column, but just like any of my column it may evolve again.  Here is the premise of this column; while I was in the shower tonight (sorry for the TMI = too much information), I came to a realization (no, I was not staying at a Holiday Inn Express).  When I first entered this industry I call Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) I had a steep learning curve to overcome.  I had a lot of questions, but was either too intimidated to ask any questions, or really did not know who to ask.  Fortunately for me, I was able to surround myself with the right people, who were open to answering my questions.  I realized tonight, if I felt that way, I am sure other new nurses getting into this field may be feeling the same way.  So, what I want to do is open up my blog to questions.  My intent is not to seem to know it all and imply being correct about my answer, but provide you my take.  Provide the readers insight to what I would do.  It may not be the popular answer; in fact it might be the wrong answer.  But my hope is to gather enough readers (knowledge base) that collectively via this medium we can come up with multiple answers, or shall we call it recommendations.  So, shall we give this a try?  Here is what I am thinking.  If you have a question you can utilize my “contact” page or email me at (I will find a better medium to obtain questions in the near future) and I will post your question and I will provide you my answer.  I will open the post to comments (for now, only registered commentators will be allowed to avoid the spam bots), it can be anonymous (again, I will find a better process in the near future to facilitate this) and jointly we can learn from each other.  

Now I am open to any topic.  You can be a nurse from a different specialty looking to for advise on how to get in this highly completive industry.  You may be a nurse who by default have been asked by your administration to help launch and implement an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) project.  You might be in sales and want advice on how to market a product.  You may be the CIO of an organization wanting to find other ways to get better end-user adoption.  I want to be open to any topic…

Now let me give you a little bit of my background.  I am a Registered Nurse, and my nursing background has provided me a myriad of experiences.  From my humble beginnings as a Critical Care Nurse, I have done Public Health Nursing (more specifically Parish Nursing), Travel Nursing, Critical Care Transport Nursing and now Nursing informatics.  I have been working in the HIT industry for 5 years now starting in the vendor side and now on the provider side.  My implementation experience is in the inpatient arena.  I am open to discussions related to other disciplines (i.e. ambulatory, financial, ancillary, etc…) because I feel the process is the same.  I am not PMP certified, nor do I hold prestigious letters after my name from HIMSS.  I am not even Board Certified in Nursing Informatics.  All my experiences have been OJT (on the job training).  Depending on your opinion, I personally feel I am gaining the experiences based on real life situations, just like I felt I learned more during my nursing new grad program, than I did in nursing school.  Nursing School definitely gave me the fundamentals, but the critical thinking skills were developed while on the job. 

So, just as I have learned from great people on the job, together we can broaden this experiences through this great medium – The Internet. 

Looking forward to your questions…

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